Pivot Cycles: high performance bikes

Brand Spotlight: Pivot Cycles

Here at Trail Bicycles, we’re all about the bikes. We buy them, we sell them, we fix and maintain them, and we ride the heck out of them.

We ride them for exercise, we ride them to and from work, and we ride them just for fun. Whatever reason you have for putting a carbon tube between your legs and pedaling off, we believe that you should have a solid bike to hit the road or trail with.

Here is one of the awesome bike brands that we proudly carry in the shop…

trail bicycles carries pivot cycles

Pivot Cycles: Building & designing cutting edge bikes with dedication and passion

Since 2007, Pivot Cycles has been pushing the boundaries of bike design and technology from their base in Tempe, Arizona. Committed to producing bikes that climb better, descend better, corner better, and feel better than any other bike on the market, Pivot Cycles designs and constructs cutting edge bikes that take your riding experience to another level.

Pivot is driven by perfection and performance. They pay close attention to every last detail and aggressively pursue improvement to ensure that clients experience nothing but dedication, passion, and innovation.


Why do we like Pivot Cycles?

Like us, Pivot Cycles values customer support and enjoys seeing people out on the trails or rolling along the asphalt on a Pivot.

Pivot loves to raise the bar higher each and every time they create a bike. And they do. Always looking ahead, Pivot embraces performance-enhancing technology to stay at the front of the pack and continuously grow their capabilities. Pivot designs and builds high-performance bikes that not only function well, but look really good doing it.


How do you get your hands on a Pivot Cycles bike?

Come see us! Right now we have two really awesome Pivot bikes in the shop, made strictly for endurance and trails, and we love showing them off.

The Mach6 and the Switchblade both dominate terrain, having been built to meet the demands of steep, fast, and technical trails. The Switchblade is a versatile ripper and the Mach6 is quite possibly the best enduro/trail bike in the world. You definitely can’t go wrong adding either of these to your biking arsenal.

Give us a call at 250-334-2456 to talk about getting your hands on a Pivot today.

Or, better yet, stop by the shop and say hello! You can even take a Pivot out for a demo ride. But we’ve got to warn you—you’ll most likely end up riding it home!