Brand Spotlight: Norco

Here at Trail Bicycles, we’re all about the bikes. We buy them, we sell them, we fix and maintain them, and we ride the heck out of them.

We ride them for exercise, we ride them to and from work, and we ride them just for fun. Whatever reason you have for putting a tube between your legs and pedaling off, we believe that you should have a solid bike to hit the road or trail with.

Here’s one of the awesome bike brands that we proudly carry in the shop…

Norco enhances the ride experience on the mountain, on the road, and in the city

norco available at trail bicyclesNorco has been in the bike industry for over 50 years. What started from a converted chicken coop in small-town British Columbia, is now a global brand that delivers more than 125 models to enthusiastic riders around the world.

Driven by a passion for cycling in all its forms, Norco has helped to shape the industry and sport over the past five decades. They were one of the first North American companies to deliver ten-speeds; they helped lay the foundation for BMX sponsoring their first factory team in 1981; and they mounted suspension forks to mountain bike frames before most people knew about the sport.

Why do we like Norco?norco cyclocross at trail bicycles

While they can proudly boast a storied past filled with accolades and excellent bikes, Norco remains fixed on the future and continues to deliver the very best ride possible year after year. Driven by the single objective of enhancing the ride experience anywhere, Norco develops technologies that make their bikes fast and comfortable. Their bikes are light, strong, stiff, and intuitive to ensure riders get more hours in the saddle, cover more terrain, and share more smiles with friends.

Norco’s commitment expands beyond delivering extraordinary bikes. They believe that cycling should be available to everyone and enthusiastically supports cycling in a number of ways. For every Norco bike sold, one dollar is donated to cycling advocacy programs, charities, and organizations throughout North America.

How do you get your hands on a Norco?norco sight at trail bicycles

Start here! We have two of Norco’s awesome bikes in the shop: the Sight and the Threshold.

The Sight is rowdy, delivers rock-solid performance, and has a little something for every trail rider. The Threshold is tough, lightweight, and doesn’t shy away from mud on the track. Both of these bikes look good doing what they do.

It’s important to choose a bike that is right for you, and how you want to ride it. The choices can be overwhelming, but that’s where we come in! Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, plus we ride a lot of bikes and are happy to share our experiences with you. norco threshold at trail bicycles

Give us a call at 250-334-2456 to talk about getting yourself out on a Norco today. Or, just stop by the shop to say hello and take one out for a spin! They really do sell themselves.