Brand Spotlight: Ibis Cycles

Here at Trail Bicycles, we’re all about the bikes. We buy them, we sell them, we fix and maintain them, and we ride the heck out of them.

We ride them for exercise, we ride them to and from work, and we ride them just for fun. Whatever reason you have for putting a carbon fiber tube between your legs and pedaling off, we believe that you should have a solid bike to hit the road or trail with.

Here’s one of the awesome bike brands that we proudly carry in the shop…

ibis cycles for sale at trail bicycles

Ibis Cycles: building quality bikes so people can ride more and work less

Back in spring of 1981, Scot Nicol started building Ibis frames without a plan or money. Thirty-five years later, Ibis continues to produce highly evolved bikes that stand the test of happy riders all over the world.

Offering bikes that are versatile, efficient, and really, really fast, Ibis goes all out with geometry and suspension design. Ibis certainly shines and repeatedly blows people away. The consistently pick up incredible reviews and accolades such as Bike Radar Editor’s Choice, Bicycling’s Editor’s Choice, National Geographic’s Gear of the Year, and Enduro Mountain Bike Magazine’s Trail Bike Best in Test award.

Why do we like Ibis Cycles?

Building top-quality bikes that are wickedly versatile and a whole lot of fun, Ibis never disappoints. The team over at Ibis is imaginative, smart, energetic, and focused. They love riding bikes and work really hard to build awesome bikes that redefine the market. Plus—like us—they know how to have fun on a bike.

Ibis Cycles builds some outrageously good bikes that are easy on the eyes, confident, capable, and incredibly playful.

How do you get your hands on an Ibis Cycles bike?

Right here at Trail Bicycles! We have two really kickass Ibis bikes stocked in the shop and built to rip up trails. The Mojo HD3 was Ibis’ most popular bike in 2015, and is known as the best-balanced all-mountain bike on the market. Its drop-in weight and pedal performance will have you going up really fast, and heading down scary fast. The Mojo 3 can go anywhere and do anything. The baby brother of the HD3 is light, tight, and energetic giving it amazing climbing and descending abilities.

Give us a call at 250-334-2456 to talk about owning an Ibis today.

Or, just stop by the shop and say hello! You can even take one out for a spin. But we have to warn you, it will be love at first sight.